Locomotive Brake Stands

The two most common brake stands in use on locomotives at the SDRM are the "6" and "26L".

The Number 6 has been around a very long time, and is used on our older Diesels such as #1809, #1820, #2098, #2104 in the 6SL variant, and also on steam engine SP #2353 as the 6ET.

Photos of the Number 6SL brake stand handle positions.

The Number 26L is used on our "newer" Diesels such as #3873 and #7285. This system has a pressure maintaining feature which compensates for brake pipe leakage. Leakage causes an undesired additional slowing of the train once a reduction has been made, which requires the engineer to release and recharge the brakes. Braking is more predictable and easier to operate with the pressure maintaining feature.

Photos of the Number 26L brake stand handle positions.

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Last updated on 17 March 2013