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Museum Location
  • Map and driving directions to the Museum's Campo Facility
    Note: Google's driving directions to the Musuem are inaccurate. Use this link instead
  • Railroad Terms and Jargon
  • General Code of Operating Rules
    Boilers and Engines
  • "Locomotive Boilers and Engines" A Practical Treatise on Locomotive Boilers and Engine Design, Construction, and Operation
  • Railroad History and Milestones
    San Diego History
  • San Diego Area Railroad History
    DOT Library
  • ICC Rail Accident Reports, 1911 through 1994
    Air Brakes
  • Description and History
    Air Brake Controls
  • The 6 and 26L Brake Stands
    Track Gauge
  • Why is Standard Gauge Standard?
    Whyte system
  • The system for describing steam locomotive wheels
    Glass Balls
  • The Mystery of the Glass Balls
    Casey Jones
  • What's with this Casey Jones feller anyway?
  • How to bootstrap a steam locomotive (or one reason why railroads stopped using steam)
    Diesel Fundamentals
  • A beginning tutorial on the Diesel-Electric locomotive
    10 Commandments
  • EMD's humorous Ten Commandments of Diesel maintenance
    Diesel Facts and Fables
  • Humor from an early EMD instruction booklet
    Diesel Locomotive Manual
  • Tom Gardner and George Elwood's wonderful collection of manuals
    Railroad Couplers
  • Descriptions and videos showing how couplers work
    EMD Diesel Engines
  • A collection of facts and photos of EMD Diesel engines and locomotives

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