San Diego and Arizona Railway

List of EmployeesSD&A and SD&AE Employees: Names, Occupation, Date of Service, etc.
Southern Pacific BulletinArticles on the SD&A from the Southern Pacific Bulletin an employee magazine
Tunnel 7 landslidePortion of Engineering correspondence file. 252kb
Safety Rules SD&AE SAFETY RULES Governing Employes in Train, Engine and Yard Service
Photographs Photographs along the line
Flow Chart Chart showing Predecessors of the current San Diego and Arizona Eastern Railway. 221kb
Route Map Route Map of the San Diego and Arizona, 1947 275kb
Track Diagram Track diagram of the railroad.
Profile Profile of Main and Branch Lines of the San Diego and Arizona, Dec. 31, 1945 332kb
Tunnel Statistics Tunnel Statistics along the route.
SD&A History History of the San Diego and Arizona Railway.
SD&A Ephemera Ephemeral items from the San Diego & Arizona Railway.
Drawings Common Standard Drawings.
T & T Ry Ferrocarril de Tijuana y Tecate, S.A.

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