Pacific Southwest Railway Museum Photograph Gallery

Photographs and Videos of our volunteers and the Museum in which they work.

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Our first crew
Our People
Campo Depot
Campo Facility
Depot in white
Winter scenes
The High Bridge
Miller Creek to Jacumba
Goat Canyon trestle
San Diego and Arizona
Great Freight
Great Freight

Railfair '88
Railfair '99
Railfair '99
The Julian Stage and SP#2353
The Julian Stage

Tijuana y Tecate
Tijuana y Tecate

Additional Museum Photos

Scrapbook - 2009 North Pole Limited, Dec 19 2009
Photos by Frank Chaco
Scrapbook - 2009 North Pole Limited, Dec 5 2009
Photos by Frank Chaco
Scrapbook - Miscellaneous Christmas Photos 5 2009
Scrapbook - The Campo Depot Renovation
Scrapbook - Museum rolling stock
Scrapbook - New Year's Eve Train, 2005
Scrapbook - Volunteers at Work
Scrapbook - The Stone Store Museum
Scrapbook - Various Campo Sunset Photos
Scrapbook - Removing the large Campo Depot tree
Photos - John Wright Photography
Photos - by Robert Rael
Photos - by Josh Breslow

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