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gone. One is stored as a spare at the SD&AE yard; the other was made available for scrap purchase by the Museum. It was purchased and is now stored on the Hayward property in Lakeside - almost in wig-wagging distance of the old SD&AE La Mesa station also in Lakeside.

PSRMA MAY OPEN AN OFFICE IN DOWNTOWN SAN DIEGO. PSRMA Member Terry Durkin is negotiating for some office space with a telephone included. That's all we can say now. SECRETARY GEORGE GEYER is very busy working on a revised membership list. Expect to see a copy in the next mailing. Also if funds are appropriated members will soon receive a copies of the Articles of Incorporation, By-laws and standing rules.


CALIFORNIA SOUTHERN EXPRESS, publication of the California Southern Railroad Museum, in the November issue ran a letter from the Southwest Railway Library which was addressed to CSRM Vice President Barney Root informing him that the then-California Southern Railway Library (of San Diego) had relinquished its name so that the northern group could have title to the nametag for their museum. John Coble's reply was also included. John wrote some kind words in reply and stated that such cooperation was appreciated....San Diego area railfans should be hearing soon about Southwest Railway Library's plans.

SANTA FE NEWS. The City of San Diego is encouraging the U.S. Navy to retain AT&SF track which runs through Miramar Naval Air Station, across US 395 and into the former Camp Elliott property. City hopes track will serve future industrial, property...., Santa Fe in September handled almost 500 cars of potash for the bulk loader at the Tenth Avenue terminal.....Sen. Pierre Salinger's Whistle Stop campaign train run August 29 used four lounge cars including 1509.....The PUC on November 24 rejected Santa Fe's request to cut schedules to two a day on the Los Angeles-San Diego run. PUC did make permanent a July discontinuance of two mail trains. Commission felt that reasonably adequate passenger service must be retained.....There is a line change on Santa Fe coming up in the Rose Canyon area.....RHSofSD Newsletter reported a three unit Alco 51 pulling a 17 car San Diegan on Labor Day. Two race trains that day had 22 cars and 27 respectively. One train hauled 1114 passengers. Your editor noted the 19 car circus train. Corky Thomson saw it hauled north on the end of a freight train.

SAN DIEGO & ARIZONA EASTERN RAILWAY COMPANY. The "La Mesa Branch" as of August ran most of the time without a fireman.....Coronado branch's days are numbered. It appears that a second entrance to San Diego Harbor will become a reality. It will probably cut through the Silver Strand at the south boundary of the Silver Strand State Park..... Locomotive 4620 is now handling the La Mesa branch run. It arrived in early November. Train runs three to six times a week. May have run MU - not sure. .....George Geyer reports that 5101, 5102 (bad order), 5108 (yard service), 5115 (repainted), 5119 (Coronado & South Bay) and 4620 are in town.....A railroad crossing has been constructed at Dos Cabezos, 3-1/2 miles NW of US 80 at Ocotillo. Road provides access to a new section of the desert park.

GENERAL NEWS. RAILROAD AND MUSEUM. IF your editor is still around and if PSRMA so desires. Report will be issued six times a year in 1965 as a regular bulletin and not as a meeting announcement. An attempt will be made to provide a regular and reasonably complete news summary in each issue....Car 11, the town's second private car was heading north about two weeks ago at the tail end of a "San Diegan" when it became uncoupled and dropped behind the train. Train slowed and the car banged into the train. Occupants were hurt slightly but damage was minor. Happened in Rose Canyon.....Bus Fans! Route E bus on September 24 was extended on Main from Mollison to Second.... Ramona Stage Line buses - is it an Econoline?.... John Barriger was in San Diego November 25 for his final apperance as President of the P&LE. After the luncheon he returned to Los Angeles as a guest of several owners of the "Cyrus K. Holliday." Several Santa Fe officials also rode north in the car as did a few PSRMA folks.