Pacific Southwest Railway Museum Association, Inc. 3380 Granada, San Diego, Calif. 92104

December 7, 1964


Dear Friend,

Thank you for joining us on the "Colorado River Express" excursion. We are happy that you went along.

We suspect that you did find the excursion was "different." Of course, we regret that it did not go according to plan. Excursions routed on railway branch lines and which utilize combinations of transport are often subject to delays and other changes. But the "Colorado River Express" experience was indeed unique.

Arrival of bus passengers in Mexicali, particularly those in Bus No. 3, was way behind schedule. This coupled with the concern that Mexican Highway No. 2 might be "iced over" by early evening led to the decision that the train ride be cut from 60 one-way miles to 40 and the train stops eliminated. While safety was the primary concern, both museum and transport officials decided to salvage as much of the trip as possible.

As it happened, it was "all clear" on Mexican Highway No. 2 on the return trip. In rather remarkable manner Mexican Highway folk cleared the road of snow as well as stalled motor vehicles. The return ride was a pleasant one.

Although bus passengers and officials on the eastbound trip were not aware of it, the whereabouts of the nine buses was known to railroad and Museum officials at the Mexicali station. Operator of the Sonora-Baja California Railroad is the Communications Ministry. This Ministry controls the telephone and telegraph facilities. The railroad was in touch with a radio-equipped police car which part of the time, at least, followed the special buses. Thus the late arrival was expected.

In any event, who can say the trip was not a new and different experience. Thanks to each and every excursionist for the good spirit and patience exhibited on the trip.

PSRMA officials have recovered and now anticipate another trip or two. In March by chartered buses and streamlined Union Pacific train interested persons may journey from San Diego to the ghost town of Calico. This will be a long trip and somewhat expensive——about $14 for both bus and train, $10 for train only. But for one's time and money he'll enjoy good company, a fast comfortable train ride through Cajon Pass and the Mohave desert, and some hours at Calico. What more can one ask? We'll send you details later.

PSRMA may also schedule a shorter and less expensive trip on the regular "San Diegan." The "other group," the Railway Historical Society of San Diego, in late April or early May will run a Santa Fe train from San Diego to the Orange Empire Trolley Museum in Perris. This will be an interesting trip.

If you are interested in helping PSRMA achieve its goal of building an operating rail museum, join us by sending in a contributing membership. With this membership you'll receive publications and announcements, and you'll always have a standing invitation to attend meetings and activities.

Again, thank you for your interest and cooperation.


Wally Duthie, excursion director
William Wootton, president

(Report address; 7861 Normal, La Mesa, Calif.)