To enable you to bring your records up to date, the following information in regard to new members who have joined the museum since the last membership roster was published is made available. Please add to your roster to bring it up to date.

Barber, Walter H. Jr., 7309 El Cajon Blvd, La Mesa, California 92041
Barich, Jack L. 151 Whitney Street Chula Vista, Calif, 92010 422-9062
Compton, Jon P.O. Box 501 La Mesa, Calif. 92041
Davids, Ben 3787 Florida Street San Diego, Calif. 92104
Lundeen, Edward 321 South 49th St. San Diego, Calif. 92113
Root, Bernard J. 180 "J" Street San Bernardino, Calif. 92410
Boyd, George R. 10453 Hawley Rd. El Cajon, California 92021 445-2614

Courtesy Chevrolet Mission Valley Valley Centre Rd West, San Diego, Calif 92110
Fletcher, Ed, Co. 2340 Fletcher Pkwy El Cajon, Calif Mc Laren, Edithe 5460 Chollas Station Rd. San Diego, Calif. 92105 Goldman, Phillip Ekholm, Charles I. 272 Henry Street Brooklyn Hgts, N. Y. 11001

Change of address: Correct to read as follows:
Gaddie, Robert L. RA 18 840 864, Co "C", 2nd Tng Bn, USA AIT Inf Bde, 3rd Platoon, Ft. McClellan, Alabama 36201


Among the business transacted at our business meeting for February were the following items.

Renewal of bulk mailing permit was approved.......New members accepted were Boyd, Compton, Root, Barich and Barber... Transfer of the former Pickering Lumber Company's locomotive number 10 to the Pacific Locomotive Association was approved. April would be the month to have movies at our meeting. Among the flickers mentioned were of the General Dynamics rocket sled, E. J. Lavino engine number 10, and maybe some railroad instruction films.........

Feather River shay # 10 accepted from the Georgia Pacific Corporation, valued at $37,000....... Coal would not be available from the Kaiser Corporation at Fontana, California.....A guest present was John Vannes, who is now in the U. S. Navy and a Milwaukee Road brakeman.........


The Pacific Railway Society is planning a train trip, with photo stops, from Los Angeles to Bakersfield and return on Sunday April 2. Lv L.A. 9:00am and return at 9:45pm. Fare 10.50 for Adults and 7.25 for kids. PRS, Box 5279 Metro Sta LA 90055.


The Pacific Southwest Railway Museum has come a long way since its beginning in 1960. Take a look at the equipment we have acquired, and the successful campaign to raise the funds necessary to accomplish these things.

Now that we have the equipment we are all eager to see it in action. This is fine, but don't forget the safety factor that is needed in this type of operation.

Above all think about this. Who is qualified to operate these steam locomotives? How many railroaders are in our number?

Rule "C" in the standard operating rule books used by railroads says that, "Employees must pass the required examinations." To meet this end it would be wise to cover the basic safety rules and have at least a familiarization class to acquaint us with the operation of the many items that we will come in contact with in locomotive operation.

Let's take the time at our meetings to take care of these instructional items. Let's go through the book of rules and find out what these safety rules are.

In other words it is better to be safe than sorry afterward.