N E W S    O F    T H E    P A C I F I C    S O U T H W E S T    C O R N E R

SOUTHERN PACIFIC COMPANY. The California Public Utilities Commission recently said that SP officials "admit that the railroad plans to withdraw completely from intercity passenger service." PUC also said that nothing had been done to promote or encourage passenger business in the past ten years and that a study showed a potential market for this service in the areas served by the railroad. (S. D. Union)

Fourteen persons lost their lives in two separate grade crossing accidents recently near Sacramento. Nine were killed in one crash involving a station wagon and freight train. In the other 5 were killed when a pick-up truck ran into the side of a fast moving freight.

A freight car broke away from a train near El Monte on March 5 and travelled four miles before it was caught by an 18 year old boy who stopped the runaway with handbrakes.

ATCHISON TOPEKA AND SANTA FE. A San Diego bound freight rammed a Camero at Palm Street recently. The occupants of the auto were pinned in the wreckage for quite some time before they were freed. Many long trains of potash have been noted so far this year.

STAR AND CRESCENT FERRY COMPANY. Mayor Curran of San Diego recently made a plea to the California Toll Bridge Authority that the "nickle snatchers" be allowed to continue serving North Island and San Diego.

SAN DIEGO AND ARIZONA EASTERN RAILWAY. The roustabout recently struck an auto at the Palm Street crossing in Lemon Grove. The driver and passenger were uninjured. More spectacular was the crash between a truck and trailer and a switch engine on February 24. The truck-trailer containing 803 cases of Wesson Oil overturned injuring the driver. The accident which was a slippery mess with all the diesel fuel and cooking oil took 7 hours to clean up. The truck's trailer was completely demolished and the locomotive lost some of its handrails in the collision.

The 7pm Celery switcher which serves the South Bay packing sheds will be discontinued shortly, probably by the time that you read this.

Another new spur coming soon to El Cajon will serve Ceazsn Tire Company who has been forced, to move because of the San Diego-Coronado bridge.