PSRMA was donated three freight cars during the week of November 3, 1969. North American Car Corporation donated its MCAX #3024 outside trussed wooden box car. The car is freshly painted a dark tuscan red, was built in June 1941, and can carry 41 tons of cargo. The car was completely renovated and has an air brake test of 9-9-69 which will allow it to be interchanged until December 1970. The car has internal dimensions as follows: width 9' 2": height 10' 3": and length 40' 6". Dick Pennick made the arrangements to obtain the car.

General American Transportation Corporation donated two tank cars. Both cars are pressure type tank cars with the capability of carrying slightly more than 10,000 gallons apiece. Both cars had a brake test of 11-69, so they will be in interline condition until February 1971. The numbers of the cars are GATX #79923 and #65648. The cars were built during the 1920's. Both cars are freshly painted black. Terry Durkin made the arrangements to obtain these two new additions to the Museum's rolling stock collection.

All three cars are located near our steam locomotives at Crosby Street and Harbor Drive. The two tank cars will be used to store fuel and water for our steam locomotives as it will probably be much more economical to buy water and fuel in large quantities and store it for future use. The box car will be used to store Museum property and be able to move freight for the Museum should the occasion arise. Also the box car may be used as a temporary passenger car for Shay loco steamups.

PSRMA is very grateful for the donation of the box car and two tank cars, .and we are especially thankful for their outstanding condition upon delivery. All three cars look like they are brand new! Suitable recognition of the donors will be placed on the cars concerned in the near future and the donors will be mentioned in future publications and brochures of PSRMA.


Floyd Mike Roberts is home improving after a string of serious operations. If you still have not dropped him a card or note please do. His address is 2227 Polk Avenue, San Diego, California 92104. Blood donations in his name would still be appreciated.


PSRMA elected its 1976 officers at the October 19 General Meeting. Elected president was Dick Pennick with 22 votes and no opposition. Elected vice-president was Dave Parkinson with 13 votes while Terry Durkin received 9 votes. Secretary Karen Lindquist was elected with 22 votes and no opposition. Our treasurer, Dave Hobson, won with 22 votes and no opposition. H. C. Kerr won the directorship with 11 votes while Tom Matson received 8 votes and Wally Barber received 2 votes. Since Pennick will remain as president Erie Sanders will hold onto the position of chairman of the board for another year. Filling out the 1970 Board of Directors will be Bob DiGiorgio who has another year as director at large and John Hathaway, presently serving as Advisory Board representative to the Board. Hathaway will be reconsidered for the same post in the near future.

Officers may only serve for a maximun of two years in one position. Perhaps next year you will consider running for one of the offices so that all offices may have competing candidates.


Our ex-San Diego Electric Railway line truck, a 1922 or 1923 White, is running again, and surprisingly well. The old four cylinder motor was found to be in excellent condition, and only the most minor repairs were needed to get it purring again. Each work party is now highlighted by a wild ride around the field behind Bob DiGiorgio's place.

Work has begun on preserving and restoring the wood body, but so far attendance at the work parties has been too poor to get much done. Please come out and help. A concentrated effort is needed to protect the wood before the weather damage becomes more serious, and it's now at the stage where continued weathering will cause rapid deterioration. No mechanical skills are required....just a willingness to pitch in with paintbrush and scraper. The next work party is November 22 at ten a.m. at DiGiorgio's. Phone him at 448-6161 for more information.


Due to the smooth running of the Shay at our last operation not much work on it seemed needed, so we've had a vacation from Shay work parties. But with the New Year's operation coming up a work party is called for December 13, starting at ten a.m. Main order of business is cleaning and painting. This is especially important, since it seems the New Year's operation will be public, and we can expect a crowd out to see her. It has been two years since her black has been painted, and she's getting to look a little shabby.

The New Year's Shay operation, now an annual event. Is scheduled as usual. A working agreement with Santa Fe to use the parking lot adjoining the spur seems to have been worked out, so it looks like we'll be able to invite the general public. Arrangements to use the track up to Dewey street crossing appear promising, and if they go through we'll probably run our whole "freight train" consisting of our new box car and two tank cars. So the operation this year should be a lot more interesting and all members, of course, are urged to attend.


John Hathaway reports the following Regular members have renewed, or just joined us, for 1970: Donald Carr, Mr. and Mrs. Russell Hadley, Alan Hill, Andrew Proctor, and John Swanson.

John also reports we have the following Contributing members aboard for next year: David Armstrong, Charles Briar, John Cranston, Peter Duncan, Arthur Gomez, Ed Herfter, Mrs. Louise Leesman, H.W. Patrick, Thomas Sandlin, Rindge Shima, John Weberg, Arthur Wilson, Frank Wisner, and Mrs. Ben Woody.



6 - TRACTION COMMITTEE MEETING, at Tom Matson's 7:00 p.m.

7 - LOCOS OPEN, Crosby and Harbor, 1-4 p.m., hosted by Swanson.

13 - SHAY LOCO WORK PARTY, Crosby and Harbor with DiGiorgio, l0:00 a.m.

14 - LOCOS OPEN, Crosby and Harbor, 1-4 p.m., hosted by Hobson.

21 - LOCOS OPEN, Crosby and Harbor, 1-4 p.m., hosted by Geyer.


28 - LOCOS OPEN, Crosby and Harbor, 1-4 p.m., hosted by Lyerla.

31 - NEW YEAR'S EVE SHAY LOCO STEAMUP, Crosby and Harbor, all invited.