A New Year, new officers and a good head of steam...with full membership involvement and participation in 1971, PSRMA will forge ahead and all that has been accomplished to date will be as "one small step..."

I think that we are all proud that PSRMA is a successful organization devoted to the avocational study, preservation and operation of the Iron Horse and all vehicles, in their many forms, that use a steel wheel on a steel rail. Our members comprise quite a crew, involved in history, restoration, collecting, writing, operating and model building too. Ferreoquinologists all...

Having been a member for only 2-1/2 years, my view is necessarily limited as to PSRMA's early accomplishments. But, my view ahead stretches to infinity and the tasks to fulfill our goals are many. During the nine years of PSRMA's existance membership has increased, activities expanded, and many equipments acquired. But, alas, major difficulties were encountered too. Finances are continually strained, membership involvement waxes and wains, rolling stock storage a burden (equipment now located at six spots), and finally we still lack a permanent museum home. This major need, LAND, when acquired, I believe will permit us to solve most of the pressing problems.

As the new President I plan to make this column a regular feature of the REPORT, Each column will be devoted to commentary on a particular subject. All members please feel free to write or telephone me with your suggestions, criticisms or what have you, this is your association.

I honestly believe that 1971 will be the turning point in PSRMA fortunes. "Make no little plans, they have no magic to stir men's blood..."

H. Chalmers Kerr, Jr.
President, PSRMA