Southern Pacific Bulletin


October, Page 14
ATTRACTS: 5000 Visitors See San Diego Exhibit Daily
Southern Pacific's exhibit at the San Diego Exposition has been attracting more than five thousand visitors daily.
Principal feature of the interesting travel display, designed by the Advertising Department, is a pictorial route-map of the United States. A voice from the map describes the attractions along our Four Great Routes, and as the talk progresses from San Francisco, transparent pictures in color are illuminated in sequence on the map giving the audience an effective step-by-step imaginative tour of the company's rail and steamship lines from coast to coast.
The map in full illumination is seen in center of picture below. To the left in the picture is a demonstration of an air-conditioned car, and to the right is the display of Pullman equipment.
Southern Pacific's Plaza at the San Diego Exposition where thousands of daily visitors learn of the company's travel attractions.

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