Southern Pacific Bulletin


November, Page 13
San Diego: Yard Foreman Ben Diffenbaugh (second from right in above group) has a very active Business-Getting committee on the San Diego & Arizona Eastern, which includes: F. C. Bakeman, C. N. Brown, W. C. Cameron, J. R. Conway, D. D. Deibert, J. W. Grosdidier, W. H. Hudson, H. W. Jones, C. E. Knight, D. Little, R. N. McCreey and H. F. Culley, W. A. Douthett and D. L. McNaughton as "technical advisors" and follow-uppers. Each committeeman has a definite group of employes to contact on business-getting and the chairman keeps in close touch with their activities. Superintendent J. R. Lowe is invited to attend monthly meetings. A. D. Hagaman, DF&PA, San Diego, reports fine results.

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