Southern Pacific Bulletin


June, Page 26
Pictured are Lieut. and Mrs. Roy L. Bouque (Alberta Barbara Mundo) following their wedding in San Diego Jan. 3. Bouque was formerly of West Oakland Stores. Tiered wedding cake was cut with sword her father used in World War I.

August, page 9
PASSENGER group below, 1st row, left to right: F. Q. Tredway, genl. adv. mgr.; C. E. Peterson, asst. VP; G. B. Hanson, GPA, Los Angeles; R. M. Gilmore, asst. to VP; J. A. Ormandy, GPA, Portland; L. C. loas, asst. to VP. 2nd row: W. T. Plummer, ADPA, Fresno; T. Fielding, DF&PA, San Diego; G. C. Drake, DPA, Santa Barbara; B. S. Quayle, mgr. of coach reservations; D. W. Wicks, TPA, Pittsburg, Cal.; L. E. Giddings, TPA, Oakland; F. E. Watson, GPA, Cen. Dis.; Garnett King, AGPA, Cent. Dis., Oakland; C. G. Sheffield, genl. bag. agt.; K. J. Caldwell, DPA, San Pedro. 3rd row: A. L. Kohn, asst. genl. adv. mgr.; A. J. Saghy, TPA. San Luis Obispo; H. Stern, PA, Vallejo; M. E. Chadsey, TPA, Marysville; J. G. Shea, TPA, Palm Springs; W. W. Spence, PA, Camp Roberts; R. C. Narvaez, TPA, Monterey; C. E. Smith, ch. clk., Cen. Dis.; W. C. Fell, ADPA, SF; E. B. Sharpley, DPA, Santa Ana; H. R. Greenrose, DPA, Salinas; N. Tooker, TPA, Camp Roberts; J. H. Pruett, Jr., DPA, Monterey; Geo. West, pass. rep., Portland; E. F. Ghormley, GAPD, Seattle; M. A. Peck, DPA, Sacto.; K. A. DeMarias, TPA, Tacoma; R. K. Smith, DF&PA, Stockton, 4th row: W. E. Campbell, DPA, Po-mona; H. Welch, TPA, Indio; G. K. Moran, acting ch. mil. train service, SF; C. H. Mueller, DPA, Oakland; T. L. Chess, DPA, San Francisco; J. S. Stetler, PA, Los Angeles; E. T. Hogan, DPA, Albany, Ore.; R. H. Holmes, DF&PA, Medford; G. C. Hurless, chief rate clerk, SF; Cliff Reeves, DF&PA, Klamath Falls.

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