Southern Pacific Bulletin


March, Page 34
Joseph M. Lee, chief clerk-cashier, San Diego & Arizona Eastern.

April, Page 34
Pensioners: John E. McNutt, agent-telegrapher, Campo; Marshall S. Brooks, waiter-incharge, both of San Diego & Arizona Eastern.

June, Page 27
J. B. Burdick, who began his career as a track laborer, has retired as general manager & auditor of the Inter-California Railway Company, and general manager, auditor & secretary of the Tijuana and Tecate Railway Company, after nearly half century with the railroad. Named to succeed him as general manager & auditor if Inter-California Railway Company was Arturo Diaz. Appointed general manager of the Tijuana & Tecate Railway Company was W. B. Barker.

July, Page 33
Clarence E. Knight, agent, San Diego & Arizona Eastern.

August, Page 24
The SP Bulletin Board
Kenneth D. Frye, traveling freight and passenger agent for the San Diego and Arizona Eastern Railway, has been named to the board of directors for the San Diego Chamber of Commerce.

December, Page 26
The SP Bulletin Board
At the 11th annual Border Cities Conference held last month in Tijuana, K. D. Frye, traveling freight and passenger agent, SD&AE, San Diego, was elected president of that organization for the coming year. The organization is made up of representatives of several chambers of commerce on both sides of the Mexican border between Baja California and California.

December, Page 34
Pensioners: John F. Heisman, section foreman; Frucruoso Lopez, section laborer; both of San Diego & Arizona Easter.

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