Southern Pacific Bulletin


March, Page 15
Glenn K. Rose, brakeman, SD&AE
Clement H. Austin, locomotive engineer, SD&AE Ry.

April, Page 9
Kearns Named Traffic Manager at Chicago

Frank T. Keams, assistant traffic manager at Los Angeles, has been named traffic manager at Chicago, a newly-established position.
Succeeding him at Los Angeles is R. C. Cynor, general traffic representative at San Francisco.
Jack Wilkinson, district traffic representative at Los Angeles, has been appointed general traffic representative at San Francisco.
Kearns, who attended San Francisco City College and Stanford University, joined Southern Pacific at San Francisco in 1945. He held various traffic posts in Fresno, Stockton and San Francisco, before being named industrial agent at Los Angeles in 1959. He was named assistant general freight and passenger agent there in 1964, asst. general traffic manager at Houston in 1968 and asst. traffic manager at Los Angeles in 1971. He has completed Stanford's Transportation Management Program.
Cynor, who is a graduate of Southern Pacific's Management Development Program, attended the University of Tulsa, the Detroit Institute of Technology and Stanford. He joined the Company in Tulsa in 1950 and became general agent at Philadelphia in 1967 and general traffic representative at San Francisco in 1971.
Wilkinson, who attended San Diego State College, joined the Company in 1942. After holding various traffic posts in San Diego and Los Angeles, he was named district traffic representative at Los Angeles in 1971.

April, Page 15
Antonio M. Garcia, larborer, San Diego & Arizona Eastern Ry.

May, Page 15
John E. Fiedler, machinist, SD&AE Ry.

July, Page 14
John E. Harrod, machinist, SD&AE, Los Angeles.
John E. LaPee, clerk, SD&AE; Joseph E. LaPee, clerk, SD&AE, Los Angeles.

July, Page 15
Pedro Robles, carman, helper, SD&AE.

October, Page 15

Joe Lapee, MofW clerk, SD&AE, San Diego, Calif., 32 years.

Ralph Love, trackwalker, SD&AE, San Diego, Calif., 43 years.

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