Southern Pacific Bulletin


March, Page 15
C. N. Brown, locomotive engineer, SD&AE.

April, Page 15
J. A. Beal, carpenter, SD&AE.
V. R. Stuart, carpenter, SD&AE.
C. N. Brown, locomotive engineer, SD&AE.

September, page 15
A. J. Blankenship, section foreman and G. J. Scott, chief clerk, both with SD&AE.

October, Page 11
SP Offers Sale-Donation Of SD&AE
Southern Pacific has signed a "memorandum of intent" for a sale-donation of most of the San Diego & Arizona Eastern Railway to the Metropolitan Transit Development Board (MTDB) of San Diego.
The agreement, which is subject to final approval by SP and several government agencies, would convey the bulk of the storm-damaged SP subsidiary to the MTDB in a rebuilt condition for $18.1 million.
For that price, SP agreed to sell virtually all of the SD&AE's operating property and other assets between San Diego and Plaster City.
Since SP estimates the value of the SD&AE at not less than $80 million, it is making a donation to the MTDB of the difference between the value figure and the price.
Part of the $18.1 million would reimburse SP for proposed repairs to the line's Coronado Branch and restoration of the SD&AE's twisting mountain trackage east of San Diego to its condition before a hurricane destroyed it in 1976.
SP will grant SD&AE bridge trackage rights from Plaster City to El Centro and Calexico, and asked that the SD&AE's new operator preserve its existing labor force as much as possible.
Under the MTDB's plan, a commuter trolley system could be operated on the SD&AE's line from San Diego to the Mexican border at San Ysidro. Freight service along the entire line would be provided under the management of a short-line railroad operator to be chosen by the transit agency.
The proposed transfer of the SD&AE to the MTDB would culminate a chain of events that began on September 10, 1976 when Hurricane Kathleen destroyed much of the railroad's track and facilities along a 70-mile stretch between the Mexican border and Plaster City.

November, Page 15
Pensioners: T. S. Finley, footboard yardmaster and J. E. Harrod, machinist, both with SD&AE.

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